Breathe. Keep breathing.


Hôm nay anh vừa đi đường vừa nghe Looking for Alaska. John did a pretty great job of reading the story, even though he’s not a voice actor. I slept very little the past couple of months so I’m constantly feeling tired without caffein. I slept for about 4 hours yesterday, with scotch, and so then this morning my eyes decided to hate me and water for the whole time I walked to work. Water just kept falling out of my eyes while I listened to John’s voice talking about someone being dead, and being more dead with each passing second (sorry for the spoiler). And so now I’m just drinking mint tea, thinking about how mint doesn’t go well with honey so the tea tastes weird, thinking about how my eyes could not stop watering because the day was too bright, thinking about someone who could be dead and then…

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