Happiness is a ticking bomb – Chuck Palahniuk

Elise held Molly the way she would hold on to her last chance of happiness.

And Molly wished she can try to get Elise off of her as hard as how she would try to find that last shred of happiness, before it is too late.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Elise let go of Molly and walked off to find her old prideful self, which has seemed to be put in a forgotten cabinet long, long time ago. She walked off with the sound of “Chelsea Hotel No 2” in her head, the same tune the Reverie bar played when they first met. That night Molly was sitting alone in her red gorgeous flamboyant gown, contemplating her painfully boring life. Elise walked up to Molly with bruised lips. And bruised eyes. And just generally bruised everything.

“What are you having?”

“Brandy Alexander.” Molly asked, nonchalantly, “What happened to your face?”

And with all of the lessons from all of the failed flirtations in her life, Elise said with a smirk, “Birds. Birds ate my face”.

They both laughed and something sparked.

Most of the time, life was not that easy, but in such a night when sweet baby Jesus suddenly had mercy on Elise, it was. When almost all of your relationships seem to die out, one by one, with those epidemics called “growing up”, and “having a career”, and “having a family”, isn’t it just so wonderfully nice that you can talk to someone and know all about their shits, and let all of your shits be known – all, with just 5 fucking words?

If this is a movie, then Elise can harass and plead and beg and command the writers and the directors to bring “The End” up on the screen right after the scene of their magical night at the Reverie. But as you continue with the wretched life you have to live, you are most likely to find yourself living unhappily ever after. So there Elise and Molly were, walking in opposite directions, both of them never once looked back.

The End


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